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                  Please note:  We no longer breed, sell or rescue Great Pyrenees.  These pages are for information only!
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This page is an introduction to our Great Pyrenees pages.  There's plenty of interesting stuff on this page plus it allows you to navigate to all the pages in our Great Pyrenees section by clicking on the buttons to the left.. Great Pyrenees for sale and our guarantee are in the For Sale pages. We have some general information on the procedures we use to maintain our dogs' health. At the bottom of the page are profiles of dogs that have served a critical role in the life of Bountiful Farm.

Great Pyrenees pups about to embark on both their literal and figurative journeys through life. 

Over the preceding years, we have written a series of articles on LGDs and  consolidated them for a presentation on LGDs during the 2005 and 2006 Langston University Goat Field Days in Langston, Oklahoma.  The  LGD Seminar button above will take you to the written version of our presentation.  On paper, the information took about 20 pages but is presented here in one continuous page.


Great Pyrenees Club of America

Great Pyrenees Breed Standards

GCPA Great Pyrenees Rescue Representatives for Oklahoma


OFA stands for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and are the people who do the dysplasia certifications. A dog must be two years old to have his or her hips certified. As a large breed, breeding Great Pyrenees should be checked at two years to insure they have good hips with no sign of dysplasia. All of our breeding dogs have been or will be submitted for certification when they were or will be two years old. Jake, Daisy, Sunshine, Clark, Frank, Cara, Red and D'Anouk have been certified.  Pat will be certified the spring of 2007; Echo in the winter of 2007/2008 and Amy in the spring of 2008. 


On our veterinarian's advice, our dogs are treated monthly for heartworm with Ivomec, before you continue this practice, see your vet for dosage and a recommendation to continue. If you have any collie breeds, be aware that Ivomec can be lethal to them. We do our own fecal samples and worm as necessary. We treat for external parasites with Frontline and use both Bio-Spot, Diatomaceous Earth, and  Zema  Tick Detach collars (same as Preventic collars, just cheaper) as additional preventatives when necessary.. 


All of our dogs have veterinarian administered rabies shots. We administer a seven way lepto shot that covers the common canine diseases. Great Pyrenees live in the field and forest stopping intruders. With rabies transmitted through mammals that are likely to be found by these dogs, we feel a rabies shot for your Great Pyrenees is a must.


In Memoriam

These dogs have served a critical role in the life of Bountiful Farm and we will  remember them always

Bountiful Goldrush Jake (OFA GP-4111G26M-PI) was our first really great stud dog. He passed away July 9, 2002 and we plan to keep his bloodline active for the life of Bountiful. He was a master at work with his goats (watching him introduce himself to new goats that didn't know about Great Pyrenees was a joy) and there was no quit in him.

Cara de Soum du Prat D'Ourey (OFA GP-4792G24F-PI) is gone long before her time.  She passed away July 19, 2006.   She was our first imported dog and became an excellent guardian.  She set the standard for both personal and professional behavior in a working Great Pyrenees.  If goats could talk, any pregnant doe would ask for her companionship during delivery. Cara was fiercely protective during the process of kidding while being so unobtrusive that she seemed to disappear.  We miss her.
Echo Soum du Prat D'ourey passed away February 10, 2007.  She was an excellent guardian and her loss is a severe blow to us personally and to Bountiful Farm's breeding program.
Shadow was a rescue dog from Houston and the second dog we ever had as a permanent part of Bountiful Farm.  She was actually a pretty good LGD but she was a great teacher.  Though her diligence, we learned how to stop dogs that climbed, dogs that dug and dogs that squeezed.  Goats and a different dog taught us how to stop jumping because by the time Shadow delivered her graduate course in escape prevention we had been in school for four years and out tuition was running out while Shadows tenure was wearing quite thin.  It all had a happy ending though and Shadow passed quietly this Spring and seemed to have no regrets.  While we're happy  she has no peer as a teacher we do miss her quiet presence, and, once we graduated, her dependability.

Dan & Paula Lane
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